Vlad (30 years old) is the founder of Rampage Drift Team, a project started in the begining of 2015. Vlad graduated “Constantin Brancusi” Management University, and also studied Arhitecture, but he always been a huge fan of motorsport. After some contacts with motorsport, he made his debut in drifting in 2012 and in 2015 won for the first time a stage in Romanian Drift Championship and finished on 3rd in the final ranking of the season.

That was the moment when he decided to focus on drifting. After one year of preparations and a lot of hard work, he make his comeback and is the revelation of the season in 2017. In this moment, he is 4th in Romanian Drift Championship.

Except Romania, Stan 55 is a constant presence in Bulgarian Drift Championship and King of Europe, also being invited as guests for different demos in Romania and Bulgaria.



At just 26 years old, Stefan is one of South East Europe’s top professional drifters and has risen through the ranks very quick. His first drifting race too place in 2012, in his home country and soon became the national champion of Bulgaria.

In 2016, he made his debut also in Romanian Drift Championship, who was recognize by the goverment, and at the end of the season he shocked the audience, becoming the first foreigner who win the title in Romanian drifting.

In 2015 he is chamion of Bulgarian Drift Champiosip

Winning a lot of apreciations for his driving style, Stefan compete also in three competition during the 2017 season, but also is special guest for different demo shows in Romania and Bulgaria.

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